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Two people with BumbleBee inspired costumes are ju,mping into the air, between them is a cart that also looks like a bee.

Planning your visit

Are you using public transport to come to our festival?

Then we can point you in the right direction:

To find out more about how to get around the city visit, if you’re visiting us from out of town, see or

If you’re looking for places to stay or eat, or if you want to know what other delights Leicester has to offer, then head to

You can download this page as a Word document here: Access Page Word Version

Access Information

We’re aiming to be as accessible and inclusive as we can be.

Our website has accessibility tools that will help you find what you need and we’ve strived to make every performance at the festival enjoyable for all.

If you want to chat about any access requirements in advance or would like this information in a different format, please contact or call 01162 616 882.

Festival Programme:

You can find the festival programme also as an Easy Read document and download as a Large Print version.

In our festival guide and on our website, you can find additional information on what to expect in each performance, take a look at the festival programme here and our website event listings here.


Festival Access:

Accessible areas and chairs are available at all performance sites – just ask one of our friendly team!

On our festival map, you’ll find locations for accessible toilets as well as blue badge and accessible parking spaces.

Our festival is an outdoor festival, using public spaces, so Guide Dogs are welcome.

If you need some quiet spaces during the festival, you can go to Cathedral Gardens and Castle Gardens, which will give you some rest during the busy festival activities.


We’re very keen to make our festival enjoyable for all, so if you’ve got suggestions for improving our access provision, your feedback will be most welcome!

Access to Performance Locations:

1: Clock Tower, 3 East Gates, Leicester, LE1 5YA – Google Map
    Access: Clock Tower is a wide open space in the heart of the city centre, with dropped kerb access available.

2: Gallowtree Gate, Leicester, LE1 1DD – Google Map

    Access: Gallowtree Gate is an open shopping street in the middle of the city centre, with wide, flat, open areas and dropped kerb access available.

3: High Street, Leicester, LE1 5YP – Google Map

    Access: High Street is an open shopping street which begins at Jubilee Square and runs down to Clock Tower, with wide, flat, open areas and dropped kerb access available.

4: Jubilee Square, Leicester, LE1 5LD – Google Map

     Access: Jubilee Square sits at the top of the High Street in Leicester and is fully accessible with some permanent seating arrangements too. Though some of the grass areas do have dropped kerb access, we will ensure that the stages built for performances will be viewable from all accessible parts of the square.

5: St Peter’s Square, Bath House Lane, Leicester, LE1 5SA – Google Map

    Access: St Peter’s Square is a wide open space between Highcross Shopping Centre, John Lewis, and a restaurant area, it is fully pedestrianised, flat and open with no kerbs at all.

6: Castle Gardens, Castle Park, Leicester, LE2 7BY – Google Map

    Access: Castle Gardens is a city centre park near the River Soar, it has a wheelchair-accessible entrance.

7: Soft Touch Arts, 50 New Walk, Leicester, LE1 6TF – Google Map

    Access: Soft Touch Arts is a multi-use building located between New Walk and Wellington Street, close to Leicester Museum and the Crown Court. There are five entrances, including two wheelchair-accessible entrances to the rear on Wellington Street and one at the front on the New Walk side. All of the downstairs studios and workshops are wheelchair accessible and there is one large wheelchair-accessible toilet/wet room located in the middle of the building.

8: Museum Square, New Walk, Leicester, LE1 6UF – Google Map

    Access: Museum Square is a park on New Walk, next to the museum, with different entrances, one of them with steps. The entrance coming from New Walk Museum is wide and open, without kerbs. The pathways are not tarmaced.

Accessible Facilities:

9Highcross Shopping Centre, High Street, Leicester, LE1 4JB – Google Map

  •  Accessible toilets   
  •  Changing Places toilet
  •  Accessible baby changing

10: Haymarket Shopping Centre,1 Kildare Walk, Leicester LE1 3YH – Google Map

  • Accessible toilets

Find more locations of Changing Places toilets around the city centre in a list here and on the map here.


Blue Badge Parking Locations:

11: Highcross Shopping Centre, High Street, Leicester, LE1 4FY – Google Map

12: Applegate Car Park, Applegate, Leicester, LE1 5LD – Google Map

13: NCP Rutland Street, Rutland Street, Leicester, LE1 1UT – Google Map

14: Haymarket Shopping Centre, Belgrave Gate, Leicester, LE1 3HR – Google Map

15: NCP Lee Circle, Lee Street, Leicester, LE1 3RE – Google Map

16: Dover Street Car Park, Dover Street, Leicester, LE1 6PT – Google Map

17: Newarke Street Car Park, Newarke Street, Leicester LE2 7AD – Google Map

18: Upper Brown Street Car Park, Upper Brown Street, Leicester, LE1 5AG – Google Map


Map of Festival: