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A portrait image of Ali Sinclair.

Meet Ali Sinclair


Ali is a retired engineer and programme manager. She holds a number of governance roles with arts organisations and Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisations and is connected with the creative and cultural networks in Leicester.

Ali Sinclair brings the skills and experiences gained during her career in business development, leadership, management and coaching to her governance roles. She has a strong commitment to supporting talent, organisations and audiences in and around Leicester.

In her engineering and IT capacity Ali has been a hands on programmer, led teams of developers and mixed disciplinary engineers on multi-million pound projects in the communications and defence sectors. Her work was focused on the development and deployment of high tech solutions nationally and internationally.

Ali was interested in coaching and volunteered at a local college to coach young students at risk of exclusion. This led to her starting her own coaching  business in 2008 and achieving coaching qualifications specifically for High Growth Businesses and Executive Leadership ( Institute of Leadership and Management, Institute of Chartered Management).

Outside of work Ali has always enjoyed experiencing the arts and is a bit of a craft maker herself. For over 15 years she has brought her professional experiences and coaching skills together in her governance roles. During that time she has had the pleasure seeing many arts organisations grow in ambition and achievement.  She is currently chair of Phoenix Leicester’s Independent Cinema, Art Centre and café bar. Ali is also part of All-In the group improving accessibility in Leicester.