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About the festival

Journeys Festival International explores migration and the world around us, embraces different world cultures and encourages us to celebrate our different journeys together.

Audiences in an outdoor setting enjoying a music performance including a hand drum.

Journeys Festival International was first delivered in Leicester in 2013 and hosted regular editions in Manchester and Portsmouth.

Together with audiences and artists, we explore journeys, migration and the world around us. We embrace different cultures; we explore what it means to seek and find sanctuary and we celebrate our different journeys together.

We are proud to be the UK’s first Festival of Sanctuary, showing our commitment to sanctuary seeking artists and audiences. We’ve been working to improve the festival’s accessibility for all and have been accredited with the Attitude Is Everything Bronze Charter Status, which means we’re welcoming to all and have made provisions for Deaf and disabled artists, audiences and participants too.

We’re taking over the streets with a family-friendly programme of outstanding outdoor arts and incredible performances that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

A group of illuminated street performers parade on stilts through the streets of London.

We strive to make the festival inclusive, safe and enjoyable for all.