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Life is short. Buy that dress.

by Directie & Co

22 and 23 July 2023


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Did you ever suffer from one of those my-wardrobe-is-bursting-but-I-have-NOTHING-to-wear moments?

In Life is short. Buy that dress. Directie & Co bring a colourful spectacle to Leicester to make us reflect on the insatiable hunger of buying cheap clothes, stimulated by the fashion industry, that are already off-trend and worn-out after wearing them a few times.

Life is short. Buy that dress. is about fast fashion clothing, about me me me and overconsumption with a gigantic mountain of clothes in the leading role. It’s a story of beauty in a world that is drowning in clothes that get thrown away.


Access information:

What to expect:

  • Speech free
  • Suitable for all ages

Jubilee Square sits at the top of the High Street in Leicester and is fully accessible with some permanent seating arrangements too. Though some of the grass areas do have dropped kerb access, we will ensure that the stages built for performances will be viewable from all accessible parts of the square.

If you have any concerns over access or need to request some additional provisions to assist you in attending this performance, please contact

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Performers throwing clothes into the air in an outdoor industrial setting.

Image: Steven Zuidam