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by the Kamchàtka Street Theatre Company

22 and 23 July 2023


Silver Street, near The Globe View on Google Maps ›

Eight characters are lost in Leicester, each carrying their own suitcase.

Naïve and curious, their emotions are barely contained, they know nothing about our norms, our town and our way of life.

The game the characters play is so subtle, it could be mistaken for reality. Opening a space for dialogue, the spectator becomes an active part of the exchange and the experimentation.

The performance eventually turns into a mirror – a mirror of our behaviour towards the Other, the Foreign, the Different. Shall we build our future with the Kamchàtka members or should we reject them?

Kamchàtka is an improvisation show that crosses the borders between theatre, game and life itself.


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What to expect:

  • Speech free
  • Suitable for all ages
  • On the move
  • Join in

Silver Street is an open shopping street in the middle of the city centre, it is fully pedestrianised, flat and open with no kerbs at all.


A CARRER 88, S.L. production, accompanied by Melando. Special thanks to Escena Poblenou and Centre Civic Can Felipa, Barcelona. Supported on tour by ‘INAEM– Spanish Ministry of Culture’.

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Eight performers with suitcases leaning on each others back towards a statue of a traveller.

Image: Aleksandra Vicius