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by Compagnie Dyptik

22 and 23 July


Green Dragon Square View on Google Maps ›

D-Construction is a highly energetic hip-hop dance performance with a powerful beat and an oriental twist.

Six dancers experience the liberation of the mind through movement – merging into a group, they create a stronger entity; breaking apart, they assert their uniqueness.

A set of scaffolding stands in the middle of the city and the dancers interact with it. It cages, protects and frees them at the very same time.

D-Construction connects, inspires and destroys in order to create something new.


Access information:

What to expect:

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Loud moments

Green Dragon Square is an open square in the middle of the city centre, with wide, flat, open areas and dropped kerb access available.

If you have any concerns over access or need to request some additional provisions to assist you in attending this performance, please contact



Compagnie Dyptik is subsidised by the DRAC and Région Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne and the City of Saint-Étienne.

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Audiences watching dancers perform on an outdoor metal construction.

Image: Mehdi Meghari