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Creative Marketing Network

Participants of a nightly art walk talking to each other in a circle.

Where Leicester's cultural and creative marketing teams come together for connections, cultural exploration and shared insights.

Our purpose is simple – we meet regularly to facilitate connections and share best practices with guest speakers or CPD opportunities. At each meeting we enjoy exploring the different creative and cultural venues our fabulous city has to offer with (sometimes) exclusive access to some of the best venues in town. We all contribute to the yearly cultural calendar of events in the city and these meetings aim to enhance the collective impact of Leicester’s creative marketing sector.

Everyone who works in arts marketing or the creative industries in Leicester is openly invited to attend.

We host bi-monthly meet-ups at different cultural venues with each offering a chance to explore behind-the-scenes. We engage in a 2-3 hour session that combines informative presentations with extra time to immerse ourselves in the unique offerings of the host venue. It’s not just a meeting; it’s a chance to explore Leicester’s cultural scene firsthand.


Aims of the Group

Facilitating Collaborations: Beyond discussions, we aim to kickstart collaborations. Identify shared promotional opportunities and embark on ventures that amplify Leicester’s cultural voice.

Learning Together: From insightful presentations to exploring the city’s cultural calendar, our goal is to encourage continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

Connecting Beyond Meetings: Each session extends an invitation to delve deeper. Explore backstage tours, exhibitions, workshops, and venue initiatives – forging connections beyond the confines of formal gatherings.

Why Join Us

Expand Your Network: Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about Leicester’s cultural richness.

Practical Ideas: Be part of a community where practical ideas take center stage, fueling the growth of Leicester’s cultural sector.

Experience Cultural Depth: Immerse yourself in Leicester’s cultural gems, fostering connections that go beyond business.

Ready to Meet?

Simply email to get all the details for the upcoming meeting. If you want to stay connected between sessions and receive updates, feel free to join our Google Group using this link.

We’ll hope to see you at the next Creative Marketing Network.