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We’ve got a lot of experience of supporting creative and cultural organisations in the UK and across Europe, and have generated millions of pounds worth of funding and investment for partners since we began over 20 years ago.

We can support you with…

  • Big visioning and strategic planning
  • Business planning and long term development
  • Fundraising strategies and applications
  • Board development and personnel reviews
  • Cultural development strategies
  • Evaluation planning and implementation

We’ve successfully supported over 200 clients, working with theatre and performing arts venues, galleries, museums, arts centres, dance companies, musicians, visual artists and crafts people, carnival organisations and festivals.

We thrive on building supportive, ongoing relationships through organisational development and fundraising work, enabling us to have a detailed understanding of your aspirations and needs.


We build collaborative partnerships and support public and cultural institutions with ambitious and effective strategies for growth and creative success.

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Cultural Development

We’re creative consultants. Applying enthusiasm, imagination and experience in support of organisations, initiatives and events.

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Events Management

We commission bold, ambitious art and festivals that bring people together, delivering activities and authentic experiences that unify audiences and cultures.

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