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Art on Tap – Bringing art into everyday life

An exciting project emerged in 2021, when BID Leicester commissioned us to create a trail of artworks in pub courtyards with the aim to share positive messages and stories about community solidarity and connection.

After a long period of staying at home during the pandemic, the outdoor areas of pubs and bars were frequented more than ever, and together with the BID the idea was born to bring art to the places where people would come together and socialise. The project also wanted to break down barriers of access to arts and culture, making art visible in everyday life.

Designed by renowned artists from across the UK, seven artworks were installed in six locations all over Leicester’s city centre and launched in July 2021 as part of Liberty UK Festival, a multi-artform festival celebrating freedom and democracy.

By bringing colourful murals to places in the public realm, the project also gave the commissioned artists the possibility to create long-lasting large-scale artworks with exposure to a great number of people, another driving force behind the commissioning process.

The importance of this concept was not only tangible in the immediate project launch period – emphasising the importance of access to art, bringing people together and giving artists the possibility to create large-scale murals – but also in the fact that all murals are there to stay, still being visible in the pubs in 2024 (correct at the time of writing, however as part of Leicester’s train station renovation, the Parcel Yard is due to be demolished in that process).

Selecting city centre pubs as locations for an art trail also related to their social importance as a common meeting point for people of all ages and places that can often be a melting pot of ideas and exchanges. Reconnecting people post-pandemic, the project aimed to nurture communities and visitors by creating joyful and inspiring experiences bringing the gallery to the people.

Art on Tap was launched as part of a trail on the LoyalFree app, giving visitors additional information when scanning the QR code and connecting locations, benefitting partners, venues, artists and visitors by giving the opportunity to explore a variety of different artworks whilst discovering new places on the way.

The hand-painted artworks used the theme of reconnection, from our relationships with nature to those with people around us and ourselves – focusing on interconnectedness, community, the history of the city and our roots, nature as a symbol of reunion and ways of filling the voids.

The seven artworks are spread across the city, including works by:

Leicester-based multi-disciplinary artist Laura Parker introduces a mystical and intricate mural to the garden of The Tree, delving into the surreal connection between Earth’s natural world and possibilities of it growing in space.

In her provocative and playful mural “Good Sex Starts With You”, Bristol-based artist Katie Fishlock celebrates a positive and empowering female sexual identity and through a true connection to the self.

  • Zoë Power at the Rutland & Derby, Millstone Lane

Exploring the theme of re-wilding as a state of mind, mural artist, printmaker and illustrator Zoë Power from Bristol displays our interconnectedness with nature in her colourful mural about togetherness.

Leicester-based illustrator Rosie from Rosie and Ramona displays the story of the city by including important people, places and themes, using the colours of the pub to incorporate it naturally into its surroundings.

Focusing on human interactions and how we all wear masks in everyday life and relationships, the mural “Bare” by Scottish street artist The Rebel Bear displays the courage it takes to reveal oneself to others.

The mural “Never Let You Go” by London-based Polish illustrator Oliwia Bober draws its inspiration from the floral decorations in the pub’s outdoor area and the idea of a secret garden symbolising reunion after a time of distance.

North West-based British Nigerian illustrator Tinuke Fagborun’s mural is inspired by the idea of community, how differences are beautiful and make a community grow together even stronger.


You can still follow the Art on Tap trail in Leicester’s city centre on the LoyalFree app, getting full descriptions of the artists and meanings behind each mural by scanning the QR codes on the way – more information can be found on the BID Leicester website here.



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This image shows an outdoor painting by Laura Parker at The Tree in Leicester. The painting is on a wooden fence and it features an astronaut, sitting on a red plant in space, holding a fishing rod, at the end of the fishing line is a white star.

Laura Parker at The Tree

This image shows an outdoor painting by Katie Fishlock at The Parcel Yard in Leicester. The painting's background is bright yellow and covers a whole wooden-partition wall and some plant containers. The yellow background has eyes, lips and other facial elelements painted on it in an abstract fashion. The text that is painted reads, Good sex starts with you.

Katie Fishlock at The Parcel Yard. Image: Matt Short Photography

This is an image of an outdoor painting by Zoe Power at The Rutland and Derby in Leicester. The painting is on a big wall with a window in the middle. The background is all white and features colourful flowers, plants and birds. The main focus of the painting is two faces in profile, one is purple and one is orange, the have no facial features but do have a contrasting coloured dot on them.

Zoe Power at The Rutland and Derby

This image shows a huge outdoor mural by Rosie and Ramona at the Knight and Garter in Leicester. The Mural was hand illustrated and printed onto vinyl then fixed to the wall. The mural has the words Leicester, and, Deeds Not Words, written on it and features hand-drawn historical references to Leicester. The mural features King Richard III, Alice Hawkins and the Clock Tower.

Rosie and Ramona at Knight & Garter. Image: Matt Short Photography

This image shows an outdoor painting by Oliwia Bober at Cafe Bruxelles in Leicester. The painting is on a wooden background and there is a picture frame but the art is on the frame, in the frame and on the background. The art is pinks, purples, mixes of greeds and pastel colours, it features an image of a naked woman and some plants.

Oliwia Bober at Cafe Bruxelles. Image: Oliwia Bober

This image shows an outdoor painting by The Rebel Bear at The Queen of Bradgate in Leicester. On the red brick wall you can see a black and white painting of a couple sitting down, holding hands. There are also some comedy and tragedy theatre masks scattered around the couple.

The Rebel Bear at Queen of Bradgate

A painting of four people with different skin colours wearing sunglasses and white clothes surrounded by flowers and plants on an exterior brick wall.

Tinuke Fagborun at The Tree