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Our festivals and events

A group of illuminated street performers parade on stilts through the streets of London.

We create festivals and events that captivate audiences, delivering both locally and internationally. We break down barriers between artists and audiences – connecting cultures with unifying experiences that forge empathy, experience and understanding.

Art Reach delivers exceptional high quality innovative arts programmes across the UK and Europe: We pioneer new ways of working that stretch artistic boundaries, provide opportunities for sanctuary seeking artists and communities and encourage new ways for audiences to engage with our work.

We’ve worked with partners to programme or manage events such as Light Up Leicester 2020 and 2022, Corby Pole Fair, Squidsoup’s Where There is Light tour, Halton Borough Council’s year as Liverpool’s Borough of Culture, Rhizome, Lumen and Switched on Slough to name just a few.

The events mentioned above were all coordinated on top of delivering our own festival and European events programmes too.

Over the last few years, we’ve also delivered our own Night of Festivals/Liberty UK Festival (15 editions across 7 locations since 2010), Journeys Festival International (18 editions in 3 cities with a digital edition in 2020) and the Liberty EU programme (funded by Creative Europe) in partnership with 10 countries and 12 organisations across Europe.

We’ve commissioned/co-commissioned work from over 220 artists, with 60% of these artists from sanctuary seeking backgrounds and 64% aged under 35 – a significant investment in artists who are underrepresented in the sector.

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Some stats

A man holds his phone towards some glowing lights, it seems he is photographing the glowing blue lights.

250,000 +

Over 250,000 people enjoy our festivals and events each year.

An artist painting on the floor, with a performer at a microphone in the background.

6000 +

Over 6,000 people have participated in our projects and performances.

A picture of a woman is projected against a crane in the night sky.

10 years +

2022 is the tenth anniversary for Journeys Festival International.

Glowing green drummers in military style costumes please some illuminated drums.

90% +

Over 90% of our audiences rate our festivals as good or very good.