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26–27 August Creativity for Climate

Art Reach in association with Leicester City Council present Re/action Festival: Exploring Creativity for the Climate. Thanks to additional support from Curve Theatre and De Montfort University.

A person is scanning a QR code with their phone. The QR code is attahced to a purple plaque on a tree.
Two people with BumbleBee inspired costumes are ju,mping into the air, between them is a cart that also looks like a bee.

On 26 and 27 August, in Jubilee Square, Leicester, the first-ever Re/action Festival celebrates Creativity for the Climate, with a focus on people and communities coming together to make small changes that add up to a big difference.

We’ll explore the world of the bees, watch an orchestra playing tunes on vegetables, see incredible mechanical creatures and listen to the trees sing. We’ll travel nature trails and help restore the River Soar, we’ll celebrate our city’s heritage and environment too.

With pop-up performances, exhibitions and installations the festival will help us to learn how to re/wind our environmental impact. The festival will host a re/pair and re/purpose area and together we’ll learn how to re/work old textiles, share new skills and celebrating new ways to re/use old things.

We strive to make the festival inclusive, safe and enjoyable for all.

You can find the whole festival programme here: What’s on?



Top right: The Hidden Music of Trees by Jason Singh
Top left: Bee Cart by Pif-Paf